Tuesday, June 15, 2010

weekend with mum

i had a fantastic weekend catching up with my darling mum.
we saw mama mia (along with my gorgeous aunty tania), had a lazy breakfast, drank lots of GREAT coffee and did a whole lot of relaxing.
i have to admit i also did a good lot of sleeping on sunday while mum caught some winter sunshine in the backyard.
thanks mum.
you're the best.

(p.s. i found out i 'won' bronya's blog challenge, and i promise i'll get around to posting my 'competition' soon)


alyssa b said...

love the photo of you and your mum :)

Ado and Candy said...

same! you look so much like your Mum :)

katie lauren said...

good for you! glad you are having a nice time with your mum x they are just the best aren't they?

christine said...

So happy to hear you two are having a lovely time together x
I love those photos of mum - isn't she just beautiful!

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