Friday, June 4, 2010

inspiring spaces

i have a habit of collecting any kind of images that inspire me.
(this coming from a minimalist, non-hoarding kind of person).
how great are these rooms!
i think i'll be an interior designer in another lifetime.

1. bed nook (image from goodness know's where – I've had it for a while)
it's like a tent for gownups. i adore the concept.

2. stunning bathroom.
silver, white and lots of light – what more could you want?!

3. apartment living at it's best.
very much my taste, i even have a similar red rug.

4. the coolest kids playroom in a cupboard.
(i wish i could sew then i could make cloud pillows)

gorgeous muted colours and great use of space.
check this one out!


aimee said...

you could be an interior design in this life too, you know :) x

nutty natty said...

Awesome photo at the top! You could even be a food photographer too. looks so yummy

christine said...

Oh that bedroom nook! I LOVE! and the bathroom with chandelier! and all the others too! um i think we might have the same taste ;)

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