Tuesday, June 1, 2010

dear people that like to bake

sometimes i wish i was a wonderful kitchen whizz woman like sarah-jane or christine.
but i'm not.
i do cook (reluctantly).
i definitely DO NOT bake.
so sometimes i pretend i'd like to.
especially since i'm such a sweet tooth.
i pretend these are the kind of treats i would make:

oh, i do love a good food blog, browsing through cook books and could watch jamie or nigella for hours. but i don't think the inspiration and actual action will ever truly align.
so hopefully your inspiration to action impulses are stronger than mine – 'cause how yummy would these be!


Ben and Mel said...

love the pic's! I think I will be making my own version of the chocolate raspberry meringue stack this week :)
love mel

SJ said...

Dearest Mandy, i have some rhubarb and apple crumble in the fridge, will that do?

I have got the red velvet cupcakes, i shall start with that and work my way through your dream desserts for you.

Loves you.

bronya said...

wow that choc raspberry meringue looks delish ... mmmmmm yummy ... come to think of it, it all loooks delish ...

nutty natty said...

Im not good at baking but I love looking at the photos, and eating other peoples cakes ;)

christine said...

oh SJ's a darling! she can play sis to you when I can't! I've wanted to try out those red velvet cupcakes for ages - mmmm YUM!

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