Monday, June 7, 2010

bron's dinner recipe 'challenge'

"mandy's" chilli con carne
with bullet potatoes and avocado

right up, i'll admit i wasn't going to partake in this challenge seeing that cooking 'isn't my thing', but then i thought i do cook and i do have a fav recipe.
this is it!

i won't lie and said i made it up myself, the chilli con carne recipe is from
i usually make a big batch and freeze it in zip lock bags for a simple lunch at work.

but the bullet potatoes and avocado bit is what i will call mine.

bullet potatoes: really, really easy. just rub potatoes with olive oil and sea salt and pick all over with a fork. place in a pre heated oven (220 degrees – that's celcius not fahrenheit bron – seeing that you're american now). takes about and hour to 90 minutes. they go crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.

avocado topping: score halved avocados into little squares (don't know the correct kitchen terminology for that one) and scoop out flesh with a spoon. squeeze generously with fresh lime and season with a bit of sea salt and pepper.

put it all together.
that's it.
easy, quick and oh so yummy.

(note to bron: i usually put grated cheese on mine too, but without it i think it's pretty 'ellable'. obviously you'd have to omit the cayenne pepper and jalapeno's for kids. i just love hot food so i put in extra.)


alyssa b said...

that looks yummy ... it's a masterpiece ;)

bronya said...

i am so in love ... thanks muchly mandy *mwah* this is for dinner three nights next week ;)

christine said...

yum - is this turning into a food blog now?!?! this is going on this week's menu

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