Wednesday, June 16, 2010

share the joy project

ok, here is my blog 'challenge' to my readers.
not really a challenge – i'm calling it a project.
i think we so often get caught up in everyday life that we forget to stop and think of the little things that make us smile.

here's the deal:
just list 10 of the 'little' things that bring you joy.
no prize.
i think sharing happiness is enough.
once you get started you'll probably find it's hard to keep it to a list of 10! i did.
but in keeping in the spirit of bron's blog challenge i'll pick a winner to 'pass the baton' on to.
this little project closes thursday june 24.
(either post on your own blog — preferably with a pretty pic – and place the link in the comments section. but if you are one of my non-blogging readers still feel free to participate and write your little joy list in the comments below).

so i'll start:

mandy's little joy list:
1. fun times with my musketeers – especially when we laugh so hard it hurts
2. running along a windy beach
3. snuggling with someone i love
4. the smell of rain on a hot road in summer
5. love letters from my little people (nieces and nephews)
6. waking up before the alarm and the bliss of realising you don't have to get up yet
7. childhood memories of my oma dingemanse
8. going out for breakfast
9. singing my heart out to tunes in the car
10. a blank canvas and paint in hand


nutty natty said...

hehe I've finished my homework ;)
I'm enjoying the challenges

Imogen said...

I love this idea and you are right that we often forget small things. I agree with many things on your list.

Coralie said...

bronya said...

noice ... i like it :) ...

T and K said...

Loved the project. Wow there is so much in our lives that bring us joy.

SJ said...

Hey Mandy, from one of your non blogging friends, here is my list, gee it was hard to narrow this down, just dwelling on the things that make me smile, in turn makes me smile :)

1. The citrusy spray that hits your face when you peel a mandarin.

2. The warmth of a freshly brewed cup of tea.

3. The smell of the ocean.

4. (Gazing and...) Getting lost in the horizon, expecially when its full of fluffy white clouds and looks like a screensaver :)

5. Eating eggs on toast every saturday morning with Tom.

6. The smiles on peoples faces at fruit n veg markets.

7. Buying a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery and the way they wrap it up in white bread, i wish i had a bike with a basket to place it in and cycle down the street :)

8. Day dreaming, this along has a list. In particular, day dreaming about sitting on a day bed by a big window, rain dripping down the window whilst reading a book ha ha

9. Toms Family

10. Friends (and ill sneak in...dwelling on the little blessings i receive every day


SJ said...

ha ha that was meant to say the way they wrap the bread up in white paper and the day dreaming one rather then along was meant to say alone (day dreaming whilst doing this equals many mistakes, please excuse them ;))

SJ said...

Oh and so this morning, there was something that made me smile... due to unforseen circumstances ha ha i arrived rather early for a 9am exam, so i was sitting on the banks of the river at 6.45am and whilst the topic is enjoying the little things...i sat there watching the lights of the traffic coming down the freeway whilst the sun was slowly making its way over the hill and also watching the slight sway of the moored boats in the rippled water...its that light just before the sun peeps out and says good morning that is so beautiful..pure joy :) and we only have God to thank for that, He is wonderful!

alyssa b said...

hi mandy ... finally put together my joy list ;)

christine said...

i finally got to the computer again! sorry it's taken so long

liseycupcakes said...

here is mine :)

and mums..

love elise and mum xxx

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