Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a dinner with the g's

just a relaxed dinner at clancy's the other night for cheri's birthday.
love the photo of me and sj (gorgeous, amazing, supportive friend) apart from my druggy, exhausted eyes look.
just on a LOT of medication for my back 'problems' at the moment.


Lucy said...

Hey, that really sucks about your back... nothing worse than all-consuming pain ;-(. Hope it improves soon...take care and enjoy your Mum!!! xxx

nutty natty said...

Poor thing, I have back problems too, all caused from computer work.. your's sounds terrible! rest up and enjoy all the yummy food, you can't beat mum's cooking. hey when you get a little better, you should come to Pilates with me, just up the road in Applecross, I'm starting soon to help fix my back. let me know :)

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