Wednesday, March 31, 2010

tasme logo

created for my wonderfully talented, can-play-any-instrument-you-can-throw-at-her, conductor, music extraordinaire teacher (musketeer) heidi for a committee she is part of.

Monday, March 29, 2010

what i wore today

it's not fair how some people are so beautiful even while being totally silly

i rest my case.
so wonderful to be spending time with my beautiful (pregnant) best friend again.
and only 2 more sleeps til i get m1 (musketeer one - heidi) here too.
feeling very very very very very excited.

(photo of sylv deciding the bed canopy i bought her for the baby is better suited as some weird veil)

mr. sock owl

another creation by me beautiful big sis.
i know she's 'blogged' him, but i just wanted to show how perfectly he's made.
even has little tea cup patterned fabric on the back of his wings.
love him sisel.
he currently 'guards' my tea boxes cause he matches so well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

cottesloe love

a hot afternoon at cottesloe enjoying the beach sculptures.
some really great ones this year.
how beautiful are the flags in the wind!

not exactly recent photos but am STILL waiting on my work computer to have internet set up.
how did people use to survive without it???

Thursday, March 18, 2010

queen mary 2

been a while since i posted sorry - currently living without internet at work.
another story for another day.
anyway here are a few pics from sunday evening with the mighty queen mary 2 departing from fremantle.
what a sight!
(and what a long wait to leave again - go perth drivers!)
LOVE the photo of tom and sj - how radiant you both are.

Friday, March 12, 2010


look what my gorgeous little sister elise sent me for my birthday.
it arrived in the mail today.
what a darling she is!
i'm a bit excited. can you tell?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

'lil birthday treat

yesterday a little birthday treat for myself = 3 gorgeous macaroons.
pistachio, strawberry & chocolate.

from the delightful choux cafe in swanbourne.

noah's ark baby room

as possibly previously gushed about, my best friend sylvia is expecting.
so exciting!!!
note: the baby will be adorable – des and sylv both hail from that beautiful, olive skin, perfect features group of people.
anyway she told me about the wall paper border they were getting for the baby's room and then proceeded to worry about what would match with it.

dear pregnant musketeer:
in true i-love-to-design-the-world style i decided to put together a little 'mood board' for a noah's ark themed baby's room.
1. the wall paper border
2. himmel bed canopy (buying this for you, unless you don't like)
4. ikea elephant
(this is yours sweety, i bought it at the ball the other night for you xxx)
note: i think it's a girl – hence the wall colours

what do you think?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

today i'm...

i know it's only a number but it's a bit too close to 30 for my liking.

though i have so much to be thankful for this past year.
just a few things when was was 27, i…
• spent my first* whole year living 'away from home' in beautiful sunny perth.
• got lots of visits from tassie people.
• rented a new pad – which i LOVE.
• made lots of new great friends.
• got my appendix out and survived (yes I'm very thankful for that!).
• visited rottnest for the first time in my life.
• explored northern western australia.
• went to my first ball.
• got to spend a whole week in my favourite place – coles bay.
• found out my best friend in the whole world is having a baby.
• became an aunty again to 2 beautiful boys.
• started a blog – and thank you to all of my lovely readers for your great feedback and wonderful comments. xxx

(* lots of firsts – i LOVE firsts!)

Monday, March 8, 2010

heart to heart ball

saturday was the heartkids heart to heart fundraising ball.
an amazing evening of food, entertainment, auctions and stories.
it nearly makes you cry to hear what families with heartkids go through.
we (slick design) designed the logo, tickets, programs, certificates etc.
a truly worthwhile organisation that we are so proud to support.
check it out here.

as promised heidi – here is a photo of my new red dress. xxx

believe it or not, i baked! (kind of)

i don't know if this counts as baking, but it's a huge step for me since I'm slightly 'allergic' to the kitchen (i.e. i hate it).
i made mini apple pies for charlene's baby shower on saturday afternoon.

mandy's mini apple pies:
some* puff pastry
some canned cooking apple
some cinnamon (i used lots. yum yum)
some sugar.
directions: 1 chop some apple into tiny little squares (I think it's called a fine dice in the cooking world). 2 add some cinnamon and some sugar. 3 make some pastry circles with a round object. 4 put pastry circles into mini muffin tray things. 5 put some apple mixture in the pastry circles and dust with some cinnamon. 6 put in the oven (i just winged it and guessed 200 degrees celcius). that's it.

(* 'some' – who measures?)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

THE wedding invites

the invitations i designed for josh and cheri's wedding.
granted the concept was not mine – they came to me with an idea to do a magazine type layout.
a LOT of work, but they came out really well.
the 'lovey dovey' couple are over the moon about them so that's the main thing.
i also designed a simple matching DL (below) for guests only invited to the ceremony.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

aimee claire stationery

inspired by the gorgeous(ness) that is aimee's pictures of marie (below), i designed a little stationery set for her 21st birthday present.
(GREAT circus themed party by the way!)

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