Wednesday, March 3, 2010

THE wedding invites

the invitations i designed for josh and cheri's wedding.
granted the concept was not mine – they came to me with an idea to do a magazine type layout.
a LOT of work, but they came out really well.
the 'lovey dovey' couple are over the moon about them so that's the main thing.
i also designed a simple matching DL (below) for guests only invited to the ceremony.


natalie P-W said...

you did a great job! When i got the invite, my mouth was open, loved it and loving your work. Can't wait to pick your artistic brain at the wedding with a glass of wine.

christine said...

WOW!!!!!! I just have to pick up my jaw from the ground! Mandy those invites are just AMAZING!!!!!! You are so talented darling - I love them so much!
I'll just have to do a bit of bragging about my little sis!

heidi said...

You deserve every bit of the overwhelming admiration you have received for your work. You are amazing my darling. That's my gorgeous friend... ;-) -x-

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous invites Mandy!! I just found your blog as well as Christine's today!! Sarah told me about Katie's great stuff on hers so i thought i'd check it out! You are so creative and talented...i bet Josh and Cherrilyn are over the moon!!! hope you are well??!! Love hannah

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