Monday, March 22, 2010

cottesloe love

a hot afternoon at cottesloe enjoying the beach sculptures.
some really great ones this year.
how beautiful are the flags in the wind!

not exactly recent photos but am STILL waiting on my work computer to have internet set up.
how did people use to survive without it???


aimee said...

nice pictures mandy!
look at those clouds!

christine said...

Aaah Cottesloe - what a beautiful place! Gorgeous pics.

p.s. whose the tall dude in the last photo?

SJ said...

ooh Christine, that tall nice young man in the last photo is Brian. Lovely boy isnt he Mandy ha ha ha ha ha :)

P.S Wish i had a camera, i could get some awesome pictures of this storm damage for your blog, my uni is an absolute mess, the greenhouses have all the windows smashed out, glass all over the carparks, and heaps more mess!! Its all just one massive kodak moment!!! (thought id add this to distract from my Brian comment ha ha)

heidi said...

so.... whenever people ask me"When are you making a blog?" I reply... "never... not when I have friends like Mandy whose Blog would put any effort of mine to shame!" So Love keeping up with your life via your beautiful and creative e-journal! -x-

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