Monday, March 8, 2010

believe it or not, i baked! (kind of)

i don't know if this counts as baking, but it's a huge step for me since I'm slightly 'allergic' to the kitchen (i.e. i hate it).
i made mini apple pies for charlene's baby shower on saturday afternoon.

mandy's mini apple pies:
some* puff pastry
some canned cooking apple
some cinnamon (i used lots. yum yum)
some sugar.
directions: 1 chop some apple into tiny little squares (I think it's called a fine dice in the cooking world). 2 add some cinnamon and some sugar. 3 make some pastry circles with a round object. 4 put pastry circles into mini muffin tray things. 5 put some apple mixture in the pastry circles and dust with some cinnamon. 6 put in the oven (i just winged it and guessed 200 degrees celcius). that's it.

(* 'some' – who measures?)

1 comment:

christine said...

MMMMM - I want some* of these yummy morsels. I think this counts as baking - good one darlin! And good guess on the oven temp. Pastry likes it hot!

(*'some' - who measures?) ;P

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