Friday, June 25, 2010

share the joy winner

oh it just begs to be said that everyone's a winner doesn't it?
i have to say the 'prize' goes to nat.
her image alone provided so much joy.
so nat – your turn for a 'challenge' now.

here all all the entries i received (plus a few i found 'by accident'). enjoy!

feel free to keep the joy lists going.
post/email me/sing about it, whatever takes your fancy.

one more that i received as a comment and i have to put up because it's so beautiful:

sj's little joy list:
1. the citrusy spray that hits your face when you peel a mandarin

2. the warmth of a freshly brewed cup of tea

3. the smell of the ocean

4. (gazing and...) getting lost in the horizon, especially when its full of fluffy white clouds and looks like a screensaver

5. eating eggs on toast every saturday morning with tom

6. the smiles on peoples faces at fruit n veg markets

7. buying a fresh loaf of bread from the bakery and the way they wrap it up in white paper, i wish i had a bike with a basket to place it in and cycle down the street

8. day dreaming, this alone has a list – in particular, day dreaming about sitting on a day bed by a big window, rain dripping down the window whilst reading a book

9. toms family

10. friends
(and ill sneak in... dwelling on the little blessings i receive every day)

(photo via here)


christine said...

I love SJs list. Thanks for a great project darling x

nutty natty said...

Wow really me!! im blushing, everyone is a winner to me. Well my thinking cap is on and I will have a challenge for you all very soon!x

bronya said...

i looooove day dreaming ... i think all these lists in themselves make me smile ... thanks mandy :)

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