Monday, October 26, 2009

sneeze indeed

yes it's been a while since i've posted.
not due to slackness, lack of thoughts, or being too busy.
the truth is i sneezed.
more truth is that i sneezed and hurt my back (badly).
but thankfully i didn't break a rib or dislocate anything.
(which i have learnt – due to recent events – is entirely possible).
so have spent the later part of last week lying on my back, drugged up to my eyeballs (legal doctor medication of course).
the kind of medication which upsets my stomach.
i won't go into detail but the only thing i could bear to stomach for a few days was ice-cream.
don't ask me why, it just was.
feeling much better now though.
back at work.
can move 'properly' again.
can kind of eat.

pic via here


aimee said...

hope you start feeling better mandy! especially in time for the weekend :) see you soon! ps. love that little picture, so cute!

christine said...

poor darling. what are you doing sneezing silly gal? you'll know not to do something so ordinary as that again ;)

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