Thursday, October 8, 2009

it's tragic

just a few snaps from sj's op-shop ball on the weekend.
it was a LOT of fun.
mel (my house mate) even had her bra showing out of a backless dress.
but tim takes the cake for me with his bimbo's on the lake jumper.
mel managed to score it, since tim is her brother.
now i'm trying to steal it of her.
share house – share jumper.


aimee said...

ah great pictures!
i can't believe he gave the jumper away. i BOUGHT that for him...not happy jan.. do i get rights to reclaim it, since i am his girlfriend? lol :)

christine said...

So great! love the shoe shot! i totally love this - i'll definitely be pinching this idea for my 30th - AAAAARGH!!!!! I'm getting old!!!!!!!!!

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