Monday, October 19, 2009

i have a thing for design experiments

this is fantastic!
look at what this guy does to simple flyers and notices.
i love when i 'stumble' upon gems like this.
being a designer myself i understanding the frustration of 'bad design'.
(a term that in my case could be loosely translated into picking to pieces every design, sign, flyer, logo, website, etc. i see).

cardon copy's mission statement:
cardon copy, takes the vernacular of self-distributed fliers and tear-offs we have all seen in our neighborhoods. it involves hijacking these unconsidered fliers and redesigning them, over powering their message with a new visual language. i then replace the original with the redesign in its authentic environment.

check it out it's worth a look!


aimee said...

wow, very cool..however, i seriously don't get the last it like a joke to make fun of the fact that people shouldn't park there but they will anyway because they can't understand the sign? sorry, i'm a little thick at times!

Mandy said...

you're not thick, some of his designs are hard to read. not sure why he does that?! anyway if you click on the link, it comes up larger and the text is in little writing at the top of the poster. i guess the design catches your eye and people would be drawn to read it?

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