Thursday, October 8, 2009

cake for lunch

yes it's true.
yesterday i ate cake for lunch.
i can't say i regret it apart from having a pretty bad sugar high (then low) afterwards.
that of course had to be balanced by a savoury spinach and ricotta pastry.
so did i eat cake for lunch? i'm going with yes.
will i do it again? probably not in a hurry.
but hey try it sometime.
thanks mel and chaz for taking me.

We went to a GORGEOUS little cafe in leederville, the walls lined with music posters and the ceiling full of paper lamps. v cute!


christine said...

mmmmmmm i want cake for lunch too :)

Sarah-Jane said...

WOAH uber big grin and excitement when i gaze upon those lanterns, a little less would be perfect along with (only using key words here) fairy and fish (you will understand) and once again a perfection of my dreams, oh how i want to steal that roof :)

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