Tuesday, September 29, 2009

'up north'

i just had the most wonderful weekend exploring 'up north' in western australia.
having only lived in perth just coming up to a year i had never been more than 30km north of perth.
now i can proudly say i've been all the way up to kalbari – at least 500km north of the city.
what an amazing experience.
i really do live in an amazing country.
i miss the mountains and lush green of tassie.
but the wide expanses of this state is kind of growing on me.
*oh and camping – how i have missed you.
starry nights in a swag in such a wonderful thing.

say posted... more pics to come.


melanie said...

ooh up north...take me back...i love

christine said...

What a beautiful photo Mandy!

I remember going up north when Ed and I were first going out, in '96 - my goodness that was soooooo long ago!

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