Thursday, September 3, 2009

family favourites

my brother-in-law ed kicking the footy at a family picnic at hollybank (tasmania) last year.
classic shot – love the soldier pose and the fact I took the photo without his head.
makes me laugh EVERY time i look at it.

another hollybank pic of me and imogen (imi).
she is such a dolly.
cute shot whoever took it.

my little (big) brother darren scaring (and scarring) chris and ed with his lily white legs.
taken at our family get away for mum and dad's 30th wedding anniversary last year.
poor ed is laughing so much he's crying.

mum and dad have a dog called chad.
chad is a little jack russell with an unfortunate overbite on his bottom jaw.
bit of a running family joke to do 'the chad' and take a photo.
even little imi does it.

ah the memories...
darren/daz/dazzler came road trippin' with me when i moved from tassie to perth last year.
this is him (at a gorgeous italian restaurant) eating pink food.
WHAT A GIRL. ha ha.
(was a unbelievable beetroot risotto with quail)
the look on his face is priceless!

1 comment:

christine said...

hullo what happened to the other post?
Love the one of ed - one of my faves!
Go the chad!
Nice facials daz!

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