Thursday, September 10, 2009

feeling like blue

ah, what I wouldn't give to be having a nice warm bowl of soup and crusty bread at blue cafe bar in launceston right now.
it's the most ADORABLE cafe.
owned and run by my darling cousin claire and her hubby kip.
the soup kip made last time i was there was about the best soup i've ever had in my life.
it's a bit cold and miserable in perth today.
my feet are chilly and i've been to busy at work all morning to eat.

oh and the logo is my favourite (designed by me. ha ha. i'm very modest)


christine said...

mmmm... yummy... blue... gotta go there again.

you poor cold thing, it's actually sunny and warmish here today! yay! the girls have been playing outside even!

Mandy said...

ok – I have to admit in a tasmanian comparison it's not THAT bad here.
my feet were cold cause I'm in little ballet flats – no socks or anything. giggle.
very stormy and windy though.

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