Thursday, September 17, 2009

happy surprise

it was so hard to keep it a secret...
i have just been on a 3 day trip to tasmania for mum's birthday – planned 3 months ago!
it was so lovely to see you all again my beautiful family and friends.

thanks for playing along with the surprise dad.
thanks for the wonderful love 2 musketeers.
thanks for the sun tasmania.
thanks mostly to my mum, who made me feel like the most special person in the world when i walked through the door.

more photos to come...

pic of mummy (ree-ree) and me


Chantelle said...

Lucky you, and you got to see Katie as well.
Hope you had a great time.
(and I hope you don't mind me poping on here - your design work is amazing - love it)
Hope you are all good x

melanie said...

hey Mandy....
glad you had a great time...just wondering when you left ...was it Monday?...did you still get to see Heidi on her surprise trip over here?
Catch up soon ;)
Mel x

Mandy said...

hi girls! nice to have new visitors!
of course i don't mind you popping over here chantelle.
katie looks AMAZING!
cute little bump and she looks so well.
was such a blessing to go 'home' for a few days.
went from sunday to wednesday – so still saw heidi in wa and then caught up again in tassie.
did the whole surprise thing on each other.
was a great laugh.

christine said...

I was good to have you here again honey. We miss you lots and lots. love you xxxxx

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