Thursday, September 10, 2009

matchsticks please

so tired.
11 hours.
1 x 15 minute break.
48 emails in.
52 emails out.
9 jobs worked on.
and that's just the work part of the day.

can I please have some matchsticks to hold my eyes open while i...
• drive home
• do grocery shopping
• vacuum
• write birthday cards
• hang up the washing that's lying neglected in the machine

feeling slightly sorry for myself i know.

pic via here

3 comments: said...

my deepest empathy...
have a restful Sunday..
mona & the girls

katie lauren said...

hello :)

was great to see you again mandy, a loverly surprise!

i just followed the link to the dreamygiraffe etsy shop - she has some amazing stuff! lots of witty messages on her art too heehee x

Mandy said...

thanks my little katie! loved seeing you too. xxx

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