Monday, September 7, 2009

lemons and sky

ok so it's not really that great – but the garden at our new place sure has character.
i went for a bit of an explore the other evening, while cleaning up my moving boxes.
it is all in desperate need of a clean up, the previous tenant mustn't have looked at it.
it'll get there when I have some spare time.

the cute little garden shed that time forgot.

we have a lemon tree!
saddest looking specimen you'll ever see...
but it does have lemons.

i really love the colour of the shed!

little fence sitting by itself for no reason in a bunch of weeds.

now this is a bush I have never seen.
it smells sweet like jasmine or honeysuckle or something.
one of my favourite smells.
bit ugly but fills the whole back of the yard with its lovely aroma.

wa flora is a totally foreign to me, but I think we have LOTS of frangipani's waiting to bloom.

1 comment:

christine said...

Cute shed - what a gorgeous colour! And yummy lemons, lucky chic. Our lemon tree is only about 30cm tall so none to be seen for a couple of years yet I'm guessing.

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