Wednesday, March 9, 2011

30 before 30

hello 29.
nice to meet you.
before i meet the next decade in 366 days (thank you leap year for granting me an extra days grace) i've decided to make a most-possibly-impossible-to-complete but inspiring list of things to achieve in the coming year.
documenting it means i just have to try harder.
so welcome along.
in no particular order:

1. holiday in europe [done]
2. skydive (eeeeeeekk!) [doing! a birthday gift from friends]
3. create a children's book [started]
4. grow herbs [done]
5. run 10km [done]
6. host a FABULOUS dinner party [done]
7. organise my closet [done]
8. get up before sunrise [done]
9. bake a cake [done]
10. become "pro" at tennis [me and my new racket were getting there]
11. watch breakfast at tiffany's [done]
12. have a whole month of no shopping [done]
13. watch a movie at the cinema by myself [done]
14. learn how to make pizza dough
15. indulge myself with a day spa outing
16. spend a whole weekend at home
17. knit a scarf [so, so close to being finished]
18. go to body balance, yoga or pilates consistently [done]
19. get a bike
20. read the great gatsby again (without college english assignment eyes) [done]
21. go horse riding again
22. attend a symphony orchestra concert [done]
23. buy a pair of real ugg boots come winter time [done]
24. update my design portfolio [done]
25. design my own stationery set [done]
26. visit the planetarium [done]
27. detox [done]
28. learn to make a paper cranes without instructions [done]
29. create a papercut artwork [done]
30. open an etsy shop [done]


Charlene said...

happy birthday beautiful xoxo
i would love to help you achieve a number of things on your list in the coming year (probably not horse-riding though heehee)
love ya, xoxo Charlene

Anonymous said...

Maybe make it 30 within the next thirty. That way you have until you are sixty.


Bronya said...

Sounds fantastic ... Happy birthday ... And does this mean you might stop passed London for a visit?

evelyn said...

happy birthday mandy! hope you had a fantastic day! all the best with completing the 30! :)

nutty natty said...

Happy Birthday Lovely girl!
Enjoy being 29, and don't worry 30 is a great age to be, of what I can remember ;)
enjoy the list and love to know when you do the sky diving eek!
drink catch up after work needed!
xx nat

pigeon pie said...

Ohhh! I'm glad you found my blog cause now I've found yours :) How do you find so many cool things! I may have to up my internet browsing to keep up.

For your 30 before 30 list, a neighbor has a bike out for verge collection down the road from our house. Its how I got my bike when I moved her (and how we've pretty much furnished our house - thank you peppermint grove)

katie lauren said...

oh mandy i love this post! how do you think of all these things? good luck with them all. but especially good luck with number 12. i'd be absolutely terrible with that. and i'm so excited you're going to make a children's book!! let me know if i can help! love you lots sweetie xx

Amanda said...

Hi Mandy

I am more than happy to help you accomplish number 10 especially since it something I have wanted to myself for a while. Now I just need to find my racket (or maybe I will just get a new one)

Chantelle said...

We should be friends! lol. After reading your list, I laughed because so many items were exactly what I had in mind (except sky diving...hehe).

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