Monday, March 21, 2011

sculptures by the sea

on the weekend i checked out sculptures by the sea at cottesloe with a few friends.
these images are a few of my favourite sculptures/shapes/colours and textures.
so inspiring!
what was going to be a little look turned into a 3+ hour self guided tour (with a program) of every artwork, including stimulating debates with my two very non-arty companions.
lot. of. fun.

(note: might want to hurry up if you want to check it out perth people.
it finishes tomorrow)


Lucy said...

It was crazy busy down there wasn't it. We took the kids who were very entertaining art critics ;-) The girls chose to have our picnic dinner right next to the chamber pot-man. I loved eavesdropping on conversations about each artwork!

Des, Sylv & Levi said...

Awesome babe! I've always wanted to go there! The photos are AMAZING! Love you xoxoxo

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