Wednesday, March 16, 2011


enjoying an evening tea with a NEW birthday teapot.
very cute and bright.
according to lisa, leena (only 2 years old) picked it herself.
good taste leena.
also good work on not breaking it when you gave it to me.

relaxing on saturdays.
coffee at xwray is always a winner.
relaxing in the shady heat.
oh and the company isn't bad either.

mmmmmm... nachos.
i will never get over my obsession.
these were joyfully consumed at dinner with my brother darren.
yes my brother.
he came over to visit friends.
oh, and surprise me for my birthday.
good work on getting me back family.
yes, it does nearly give you a heart attack.
i prefer to be the surpriser rather than the surprise-ee.


katie lauren said...
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katie lauren said...

hee hee, glad darren gave u the surprise that was intended! and i adore this teapot too!

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

And now I'm gonna need nachos for breakfast :)

shopgirl said...

nachos are just so much fun to eat!

glad you had such a great time Mandy.


pigeon pie said...

love the teapot!

SJ said...

teapot is cool, oooh male company, looks familiar.....he he

P.S ill see you tonight for dinner :) Much love xo

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