Tuesday, October 4, 2011

30 before 30 update

1. holiday in europe [done]
best experience of my life!
when i first wrote this list, i envisioned this being the toughest task to complete.
so thankful i got the chance to do it!

7. organise my closet [done]
admittedly my hand was forced on this one.
moving does that.
so i guess it is organised in the way that i at least sorted everything out, got rid of stuff i didn't wear anymore and donated it to the salvos.
my general rule of thumb was, if i hadn't worn it in the last year i didn't keep it.
also travelling around europe for 6 weeks with a handful of clothes makes you realise how little you do actually need.
plus now i have been living the last 5 or so weeks with just the suitcase full of clothes i brought over to tasmania.
ok... i admit i do miss my "full" closet, so i go "shopping" in my sisters'.

22. attend a symphony orchestra concert [done]
i went to the tso with my girlfriends the other week.
it was amazing.
the cello solo from alban gerhardt was out of this world.
if you ever get a chance to see him live, DO!
the concert was of course followed up with a little walk down the road for a late dessert at pierre's.

29. create a papercut artwork [done]
a surprisingly calming task.
it took me a while, but i love the idea of creating something with just a knife and a piece of paper.


elise.kate.design said...

incredible!! wow mandy! x

katie lauren said...

Your papercut artwork is really good!

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