Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 before 30 update

11. watch breakfast in tiffany's [done]
i watched the gorgeous visual feast that is breakfast at tiffany's.
it's glamorous and humorous and got me hooked on audrey hepburn movies now.

23. buy a pair of real ugg boots come winter time [done]
so i finally got some ugg boots.
the 'proper' kind.
not red – you have to order them.
but black'll do.
so warm and comfortable.
my feet are very happy.

26. visit the planetarium [done]
and finally, I took (dragged) jamie along with me to the planetarium yesterday.
i was so excited, possibly to the point of embarrassing for my poor little brother.
it brings back all the magic and amazement i felt as a kid.
who wants to go with me again?

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