Monday, June 27, 2011

i'm going... to europe!

so goodbye for now lovelies.
i fly out in two days for five (and a bit) weeks of travel.
in to amsterdam and out of rome, and who knows where in between.
my little blog may be a bit silent for this time.
but i'll be full of stories, pictures and inspiration when i return.
i'm so excited!
wish me luck.


bronya said...

keep in touch - let me know if you come to london to visit the queen ... all the best and hope you have a fantastic trip xx

Ado and Candy said...

Wow!! Have a great time Many!! Wish you safe travels and many adventures on the way :)

God Bless

round about brouwers said...

Have a blast girl!! take care, have fun... and looking forward to seeing photos on blog soon!! x

shopgirl said...

Have a great time Mandy! If you ever go south of Rome, please look me up! I live near Bari about a 7 hour train ride.

Rambles with Reese

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