Monday, May 10, 2010

places i'd rather be

ever have those minutes/hours/days that you daydream about being 'anywhere but here'?
i'm having one of those days.

some of my favourite flickr images of where i'd rather be right now.
canoeing down a misty lake
walking at cradle mountain
taking a balloon ride at sunrise (always wanted to do this)
running along a stormy beach
getting lost in an overgrown field
sitting on a deserted jetty

anywhere other than the constant daily grind of work stress, freeway traffic, cooking and bills.
i'm not complaining, i'm just a little out of sorts.
hurry up weekend.


christine said...

aaaaw, you poor darling - and it's only monday!
lots of big hugs and kisses from your sis and nieces and nephew xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling!
I will have to show you this great little spot on the river, so peaceful with a little hidden boardwalk.. wash all the daily grind :)x
Natalie P-W

free spirit said...

Hey there lovely...
you pick the place you'd rather be, you pick the time.. and I'm there with you.
But remember I'm with you there (albeit virtually) all the time.
Love you to bits -x-

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