Tuesday, May 11, 2010

photoshop fridge magnets

the product description (obviously written about me):
You're a whiz when your fingertips hit the keyboard.
You've got brushes and lassos at the ready.
But when your feet hit the tile and you're forced to confront cupboards of neglected pans, melon ballers, and scary looking blenders - you realize they're not your tools of choice.
Fear not culinarily-challenged friend! With our Photoshop Fridge Magnets you can now find comfort in the kitchen...
Though they won't allow you to Edit > Undo that over-seasoned soup, or clone stamp a hole in your pie crust they can make you feel a little more at home in your kitchen.

ahhh… sometimes i fear i am a bit of a nerd.
i think these are fantastic*.
i'd buy them for my fridge, but i fear housemate mel might just stare, shake her head and walk out.
i'm not a geek people, i'm really not.

(*i know if anything, elise and nat will get the appeal)


Anonymous said...

oww I like them :) And geek is just some one very passionate about something... ok if you start dressing up in star trek outfits then your a geek :)
Natalie P-W

liseycupcakes said...

haha i find this pretty funny. and yeah i can relate ;) i have seen thses before, man now i want a fridge!
p.s. your not THAT much of a geek :D xx

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