Thursday, May 6, 2010

more mini polaroid* pics

a few more snaps:
lisa and I with the giggles.
clayton's "woops I didn't mean to take that" artistic shirt shot.
amanda and emma around for drinks last night
(yes i cropped amanda's face of with the vase. the view finder is too far away from the lens. well that's my excuse)

* ok ok, so technically not 'polaroids' – but then what do you call them?


aimee said...

mini instax!
or fakedroids. whatever you prefer :) kidding :) they are very cute!

christine said...

oooo i want one too... just to keep up with my sisters :P

katie lauren said...

they are cute pics :) it was fun taking photos with your camera! good to see you didn't post the one of lisa and i up (heheee).

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