Thursday, May 27, 2010

a date with mr. darcy

so i've been a little absent lately for a number of reasons.
(i don't really feel like going into it right now.)
but a quiet and relaxing 'date night' with mr. darcy always makes me feel better.
last night it was raining, i had a cup of hot soup (+ burnt toast), wrapped myself up in my favourite blanket and watched the drama of pride and prejudice unfold (again).
ahhh, maybe i am a hopeless romantic at heart.
especially since the text shown here has to be one of my favourite book/movie lines ever.

the gorgeous dish towel available via here


christine said...

aaaah mr darcy... how i do love thee!
i love love LOVE pride and prejudice - the book is so much better than the movie, i read it every night!
and i must say i do like the colin firth version of mr darcy

christine said...

me again! guess what i just bought - no not the tea towel (it was going to be) but she makes t-shirts with this print too! i can't wait to get it! i'm so excited!

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