Saturday, January 2, 2010

christmas presents 09

yes, i made christmas presents this year.
lots of hours but very rewarding.
katie and ed got recipe bookmarks.
my (i think quite clever) idea.
they both have lots of gorgeous recipe books.

stationery sets for the girls in my family - mum, christine, katie, elise, and for the best friends - sylvia and heidi.
katie got an extra pressie since i hadn't given her a birthday one yet.
my little brother jamie got note cards in blue with a boat design.

tounge-in-check sign for benny.

spesh bottle of wa wine for dad with a personalised label - bit of a laugh really.
darren got a birthday calendar with black and white designs (in my previous post).

little photo frames with pics of us for my darling little neices.
the girls and mister finn also got books, of the non-handmade variety.
some things are so much easier to buy than make!

1 comment:

bronya said...

love it all ... you are super creative ... enjoy what's left of your stay in tassie ...

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