Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy new year

i'm having the most fantastic, relaxing, fun holiday in tasmania.
sitting on my sisters couch with a laptop on my (getting tanned) legs listening to chris and kris 'gasbag' in the kitchen and the kiddies playing outside.
have a tonne of photos and thoughts i will share with you all very soon.
i had the BEST day yesterday - just the 3 musketeers again!
walking through the george, eating ice creams, dinner at heidi's, being silly sliding down the hallway on explorer socks, drinking custard, sitting in front of the outdoor fire sipping wine.
note: non alcoholic wine for sylvia who is expecting her first baby in july!
we also had a bit of a new years resolution chat.
though i've never been one to give myself resolutions, it was great to all talk about what we want to do for our dear ones, for ourselves and our attitudes to life.
thank you for a WONDERFUL time my girlies.

happy new year to you all xxx

pic via here


heidi said...

Had a wonderful time too my lovely :)

SJ said...

Slightly jealous of what you guys have :) Friends are one of the most beautiful aspects of life. Cherish it forever. xo

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