Wednesday, January 13, 2010

coffee cozy by christine

yes i'm into the new year still bragging about how cool my family is.
the latest and greatest is another christine creation.
she made me a gorgeous felt coffee cozy!
it's even reversible.
the idea solely hers after her visit a few months ago and her bemusement about me wrapping my percolator (a very well used gift from musketeer heidi) in a tea towel to keep it toasty warm while it brews up nice and strong.
I drink strong black coffee with no sugar.
the kind that stands up by itself in the cup ;-)
(not every day though)

anyway i adore it sisal.
me: 'how did you know the size?'
christine: 'i measured it when i was over'
of course you did miss-super-organised!
i don't know how she manages to find time to be so thoughtful and creative since she's in the middle of buying/moving/selling house(s), looking after 3 children and has been entertaining lots.
love you supermum.


alyssa b said...

what an awesome pressie ... creativity is definately in your genes - maybe i can borrow some sometime ;) ... love your work and blog mandy, thanks for sharing it with us

christine said...

Glad it fits - i was having doubts about where i bashed in the pop studs! ;)

bronya said...

wow that's cool ... definitely a super mum ... I want one of these ... I bought Owen one the other day for his tea plunger - so it didn't look so ugly, purely aesthetic but not half as cool as this one ... I don't think about making stuff I just buy stuff, sad isn't it ...

bronya said...

see ... that's bad ... I just posted a comment but now I'm trying to get on with my work and I'm just coveting and coveting and coveting ...

natalie P said...

haha bron I covet everyone blog too.
Mandy you have an amazinly talented family, and you of course. It is so cool, if only i drunk plunger coffee. :)

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