Thursday, November 26, 2009

christmas present preview

i've been spending some spare moments (i have spare time!?) to design christmas presents for my tassie family who i get to visit again at the end of december.
turning out to be a BIG project, coming up with unique and exciting presents for all 12 of them.
i think it's 12... (5 siblings + parent x 2 + in laws x 2 + 3 kids = 12)
can't wait til it's 13 in January!

anyway this is the project i'm working on for darren.
just showing the illustrations at this stage.
not that he even checks my blog much and is coming to wa tonight anyway.
family visits coming out of my ears!
i love.


Sarah-Jane said...

Looks cool Mandy...wait till you see what i 'designed' for a present for the one and only Amanda Jane Bosveld!! ha ha designed pfft i dont design, i become 'inspired' to do random things :) Anywho you will love promises as to when you shall receive, however enjoy the anticipation :) Much love xo

christine said...

Awesome Mand! Oooo can't wait for christmas!

natalie P said...

There awesome Mandy! great pictures to screen print. Once I get my screen printing screens set up in my shed, your welcome to come print some!
NatP (now W)

mina said...

very pretty work!

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