Thursday, November 12, 2009

blackboard footprints poem

so i finally got around to getting my blackboard up.
a plan since i saw the ugly bare wooden panel that houses the fridge in our kitchen.
so cousin daniel (aka blonde daniel) who also happens to be housemate mel's uncle (weird but true), got us a piece of mdf cut to size.
so i primed, painted and tacked it on.
so in love with it.
friends at our housewarming had a great time writing poems, drawing pictures and even notes about coming events.
currently it is home to my favourite poem, footprints in the sand.
i have a new awe for teachers who can write in straight lines on a chalkboard.
not easy.

click to enlarge pic


bronya said...

i love it ... and you have awesome handwriting ...

katie lauren said...

looks beautiful. your writing is ever so tidy, i agree!

christine said...

Beautiful! the girls are going to have lots of fun ;)

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