Wednesday, November 18, 2009

buckets of love

i'm so excited!
just about to go and pick my little people up from the airport!
that equates to my nieces alannah (6) and imogen (3), and my nephew finn (8ish months).
well really my sister and brother in law too.
oh, I am looking forward to seeing them too but especially my little people who I miss so so much.
imogen just had her birthday and alannah's is soon, so I made them some buckets of love.

each contains:
• bucket and spade for the beach
• cute little racer back tank tops
• a handbag
• play-doh
• colouring-in pictures
• crayons
• bowl, cup and cutlery

looking for aunty of the year award or what?


aimee said...

aunty of the year award indeed! very impressive :) i'm sure you're going to have heeps of fun with the little ones (and ed and christine too :) )

Lucy said...

I'm impressed with your colour co-ordination. You've even matched the playdough lids to the bucket handles- wow! Want to add any more nieces to your auntyhood? :-)

Chantelle said...

Cute - love the bright colours. Enjoy your little people.

christine said...

Definintely aunty of the year! the girls really love their pressies aunty mandy! xxx

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