Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i have a thing for great packaging

one of my fav blogs is thedieline.com/blog/
these are my picks.

i 'collect' images/photos/designs/packaging/brochures/ads/etc that capture/inspire/move me.
currently have a box full of printed material at home and a folder of 200+ images on my computer.
oh, and a million little memories/ideas/creative thoughts floating around in my head.

i have last years special absolut vodka bottle.
and yes i bought it cause it was in a red sequined cover.
still half full – i'm not a big spirits drinker.
now I have to buy the leather studded bottle this year cause it's even cooler!


aimee said...

hey nerd :P
i like the lamb chop one..it actually makes eating lamb chops look cool. then again, i am just a sucker for brown paper packaging :)
and don't worry, my computer (and head) is filled with folders full of everything :) xx

Melinda said...

I see what you mean by the vodka bottle- I think you need to invest! I'll help you finish the contents so it doesn't seem silly just to buy it for the wrapping ;)

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