Thursday, December 10, 2009

i have a little sister and she is amazing

my little (no so little anymore!) sister elise is following in my footsteps.
she has just completed year 12 and is planning on studying graphic design full time next year.
i'm helping her compile a bit of a portfolio from her studies to date so she can look for some work experience during her summer break.
i'm so proud of you 'elsie-jones'.
i just love this piece of work.


liseycupcakes said...

oh wow look at that amazing piece of art! hehe ;p
thankyou mandy :D for all your help and posting this . looks pretty good up on a blog
love you lots xxx

aimee said...

wow that's seriously cool :) elise, what with your cupcake making and cake decorating and graphic design skills, i think you could be on to something... :)

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