Friday, August 31, 2012

instagram grab

hello friends!
sorry for my absence lately.
my life has been insanely busy with work, work and more work.
glad to have finished the first draft of a huge project so i can get a bit of balance back into my life.
so thanks to the fortune cookie (left over from a networking event) with a timely message.

before work consumed my life this last few weeks, I got to spend time with my darling brother who was in the state for a little visit.
we finally opened a bottle of (rather expensive) wine we bought years ago.
so wonderful to catch up in person again.
love that kid!

enjoying beautiful yellow flowers that brightened my apartment for over three weeks.
that's value for money.

love my new instax mini and washi tape display.
washi tape is my new favourite for everything.

...and finally, there is nothing like a cup of herbal tea at bedtime.

have a wonderful weekend all.

1 comment:

yummydesign said...

love the fortune cookie:) Work can be annoying.. but love your blog:) greetings from yummydesign!

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