Thursday, August 9, 2012

anatomy of a perfect lunch

one of the perks of working in northbridge is the great food choices at lunch.
i'm letting you in on a big secret here... 
the best "sandwich" i've ever had is from the italian grocer the re store.
full of fresh goodness you choose yourself.
(they always freshly shave my prosciutto for me too!)
mouthwatering goodness for less than 10 bucks.
get there perth people!


nutty natty said...

yum my mouth is watering and I know that re-store I visited it alot when working in northbridge. Go to Saigon Cafe on James street and order a Vietnamese Pancake, yes the place looks a bit dirty but it's amazing and another $10 lunch :)

katie lauren said...

I keep hearing so much about the re store. must pay a visit soon?!

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