Tuesday, July 17, 2012

my reading list 4: kids books

one of the best 'jobs' is being an aunty.
snuggling up on the couch with little people and reading a great book is always fun.
my picks above.
(links from amazon)

anyone have any great favourites to share?


Bronya Mulder said...

ooohhh kids books, where to start? the girls favourites are different to my favourites :) at the moment sami is sitting next to me reading jemima puddleduck and peter rabbit ... i love rhyming kids books and am very fond of the gruffalo and many other julia donaldson books ... 'the large famly' books make me smile because i relate :) ... my girls also love knuffle bunny and fancy nancy ... owen loves dr seuss hand hand fingers thumb and green eggs and ham ... but the girls mostly want to read princess stories *sigh* ... like your selection - the ollie series have been library favourites and who can go past charlie and lola or hairy maclary? obviously not me hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Like Bronya, I am like "where do you start". My all time favourite would have to be Tough Boris by Mem Fox. Plus any of her other books. The Amy Hest books about Sam the little bear are great. Nicely repetitive and she uses a lot of alliteration. Any of the Sam Mc Bratney books, illustrated by Kim Lewis are a feast for the eyes. The last book I bought (for me...ahem) is Hunting for Dragons by Bruce Whatley.

Ruth said...

Hah, yes, where to start? In addition to what's already been mentioned, an absolute must for reading aloud is 'The Terrible Plop' (read with enthusiasm).

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