Tuesday, July 10, 2012

instagram grab

i'm not much of a cake lover.
but red velvet cake pops?
oh yeah.
work colleges wife's baking experiments.
happy to be a guinea pig.

the true beauty of a winter sunset in busselton the other week.
as the sun does down everything turns calm, pastel and soft.
it's stunning!

surprise mail is my favourite.
especially when i get cute little gifts like this clock from musketeer 1.
(plus wedding photos and a sweet card).

new impulse buy – ceramic birds that brighten up my bedroom wall.
they are seriously the hottest pink you ever did see.
(and you all know how much i love hot pink right now).

super excited to go to the driving range for a hit the other week.
first time i've touched a golf club in about 5 years.
still got it people.
now i think it might be my new "thing to get good at".

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