Friday, April 29, 2011

a royal friday

i'm just going to admit, i love a royal wedding.
i'm no fanatic, but i am about to go home and watch the ceremony.
maybe just to see the dress.
maybe cause i'm a big romantic at heart.
(shhh… don't tell anyone that).

anyway, have a wonderful weekend.
i'm going to attempt to buy a new car (sigh).
must also go grocery shopping (even bigger sigh).
but all that aside hopefully have a happy one.

a bit of love for your weekend:

(i'm currently smoothie obsessed).

an amazing spot to soak up the sun.

just about the coolest tricycle ever.


Amanda said...

Ahh she is still the most beautiful princess ever. They said Kate came close but I don't think so!

Carmen Reitsema said...

you did so good with this picture.. their dresses are so similar x

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