Friday, April 1, 2011

friday joy

there is something so romantic and intriguing about old photos.
i love this one.
sheer joy.

it also cools me of a bit.
dreaming of cooler weather believe it or not.
it is meant to be autumn.
meant being the operative word.
i'm a little over the heat.
especially when i've committed myself (in my own head)
to go for a run after work at the beach.
there is no love in friday peak hour traffic.
so train or run.
i chose run.
kick start my weekend.

here is a few other little bits of joy i've found this week:

wouldn't you love to spend your friday night like this!

have a lovely weekend!


Carmen Reitsema said...

O WOW i love the photo on how to spend the friday night, i am going to try do that one day soon... amazing! catch up soon for food and giggles sweets xxx

featherfactor said...

I love old photos as well :) Have a lovely weekend!

My Fashion Dolly said...

Very cool vintage photograph!!! Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.

nutty natty said...

oh we have alot in common, a love for old photos, a hate for perth Peak hours, wanting a cool chilly change... but it all changes with the run, your on your own there haha :)

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