Thursday, December 16, 2010

summer lovin'

looking forward to my summer holidays.
can't wait for visits from my musketeers and sister and brother.

my MUST DO list:

picnics with my lil sis.
she's never been to perth before.
so lots of sightseeing and eating.
you can't go wrong when food is involved.
btw how cool is this picnic box set.

read a whole book.
on the beach.

visit different beaches.
western australia has so many gorgeous beaches and i should see more of them.


Des, Sylv & Levi said...

can't wait too babe! Only 2 more sleeps xoxoxooxox

Kristin said...

I don't picnic nearly enough! As soon as winter's over...It's on!

Josie said...

It sounds like your summer holidays will be fantastic! I have to start going on more picnics; I think they're so fun and quaint!
xo Josie

minkandcappuccino said...

love all your ideas
i esp love the 2. idea reading the whole book at the beach :)

please review my two new posts at:

twitter @divalicious_m said...

definately can't go wrong when food is involved :D
can't wait to see you!! 2 more sleeps for me yay x

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