Tuesday, December 14, 2010

family weekend

i had a WONDERFUL weekend in tasmania.
the main reason was for this mini trip was my darling cousin trent's wedding.
which oddly enough i have no photos of.
(forgetting my camera and not charging my iphone doesn't help).
the mostly cold weather, hayfever, and lack of sleep were all so worth putting up with.
i got to play games with my nieces, go for a swanky lunch with my brother, drive through some beautiful countryside, catch up with most of my extended family, enjoy tasmanian pinot noir, hug best friends and laugh until my sides hurt.

(the last pic is my little cousin harper's accidentally amazing photo)


katie lauren said...

nice memories mandy - yeah its a real pain when you forget your camera! but at least you have these cool pics :)

JMay said...

The photos are amazing!!!

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