Thursday, August 19, 2010

happy blogiversary to me

365 days, 190 posts and over 7000 visitors ago i started my humble little blog.
it's been a fun little journey so far.
my blog is (or has turned into) a mixed bag of what I'm doing or designing, what i love or what i am inspired by.
and generated a LOT more interest then I ever thought it would!
i'd love to know what YOU enjoy about 'dear musketeer', dear reader.
so please don't be shy and leave me a comment.
happy blogging year ahead.


aimee said...

yay! wow, 190 posts..i've been going for about 3 years and have just hit post 201 :) congrats!!

i love all the design inspiration that you post...chalkboards, cute packaging and whimsical stationary :)

keep it going!

liseycupcakes said...

dear sis.
HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY (for yesterday)

I just want to say i love all the design inspiration you find, like all the quirky and whimsy stuff.

I especially love your posts on designer walls, beautiful branding, and chalkboard inspiration. I'd like to see some more of that sort of stuff :]

lots of love from your little sis

katie lauren said...

hey mandy congratuations on your blogging achievement. amazing how many people can swing by in a year hey.

i just love your 'everyday' posts and the way you describe the day-to-day events in your life :) i can just imagine you telling the story in real life and it always makes me have a little chuckle. must be the bozzy humour ;)

christine said...

I love visiting and seeing what's going on in your life and all the arty stuff and inspiration. Oh and when you feature my cute family!

Sorry I don't always get around to visiting some days/weeks. Been so busy here lately that I even forgot my own blog's birthday! Oh well xx

Des, Sylv & Levi said...

Hey babe! Finally logged on and caught up with your posts- cannot believe its been a year of posting!! And this being only my second post I must say I am the worlds most hopeless best friend in blog commenting! I do love you dearly and with all my heart though and your blogs are a little piece of sunshine and giggles every time I read them! mmwah love you babe- may the blogging continue and the commenting become less non existent and more, well, more! :) xooxoox

bronya said...

hey mandy - happy blogiversary
i love all your design work - i love when you show us what you can do :) ...

i love your mandy portraits - tho i don't think there has been one for a while *hint hint* ...

i love all the inspiration you share and the glimpse into your life and soul it provides ...

looking forward to lots lots more

bronya :)

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