Wednesday, August 18, 2010

eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs

i've been to spoilt with super fresh, free range, gorgeous fluorescent yellow, divinely delicious eggs in tassie.
having your own chooks (therefore ones own egg supply) is all the rage.
even among the suburbanites like sylv and mum.
christine takes the prize though.
she has 9 perfectly tame hens that lay eggs of all sizes.
(though the photo might suggest i'm not convinced of the tameness – thank goodness for ed's protective foot gear)
also she made me the best scrambled eggs for (2nd serving) lunch.
just like oma used to make – with a sprinkling of fresh parsley.
now i'm back to the store bought, pale, overpriced kind.


katie lauren said...

yes i would have to agree, christine's chook's eggs are amazing. you really never know what you are going to get when u reach into the carton and grab an egg. as for scrambled eggs, they are divine, the way you described them is just how benny makes them (on saturdays for late breakfast/lunch/brunch) :)

christine said...

You are just a teeny bit sooky when it comes to chooks aren't you darlin! ;)

SJ said...

Ha ha you think shes sooky, you wouldnt like to see how i react when put under the pressure of being in a chook pen, i may dream of the country life, the reality is i couldnt live it ha ha

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