Monday, February 15, 2010

tea tea tea

green tea.
it's delicious.
it's soothing.
it's good for you.
i drink copious amounts do the stuff – about 8 cups a day.
it's not a bad taste, like most people think.
you just need to find the right one.
and seeing I drink so much (tea),
i think i'm a pretty good authority on the matter.

my top picks of the instant, drink at work, bagged variety:
• tetley organic green tea
• dilmah moroccan mint
(a great, fresh, 'lil bit minty taste.
also impossible to find lately)

my top pick of the lovely,
got time to make tea, fresh leaf variety:
• T2 sencha green

but then again i have a bit of a thing for T2.
Their monk pear flavoured black tea is AMAZING.

i also have a bit of a love of teapots,
but that's another story altogether.


bronya said...

Owen is a tea nut too ... he has a different tea pot for each different tea (almost) ...

And he doesn't do the 'bag' thing ... even at work he has a mesh ball that he fills with his leaves and off he goes ... Or he uses those cups with their own strainer ...

He is on to Chai at the moment ... nice and spicy ... apparently anyway I don't do hot drinks ... freshly squeezed juice all the way ...

bronya said...

actually ... as we are leaving the country and can't take our tea with us ... I have a French tea (from a place called Kusmi Tea - Owen really likes their tea - I can't comment) it's a spearmint green tea which may be looking for a good home ... let me know if you are interested

Chantelle said...

T2 is great - I still have to aquire the taste for green tea - have to try harder as it can only be a good thing. Am on the coffee atm with the new coffee maker - it's too easy. Hope you're all good x
Teapot pictures coming up?????

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